Abolitionist punk band expressing words written by imprisoned lyricists. Led by efforts from both inside and outside prison walls, our purpose is to denormalize policing-jailing of America’s Poor & Working Class, Non-Conforming, People of Color, Queer, Muslim, and Migrant families.

Our loud rock conveys missives of liberation and inequality from whom America harms most. High energy bursts of raw emotion drive rhythms charged on deep melodics. Punk influences spanning decades and regions. Urgent communication. Dance rage work for your people.

Policing, courts, and prisons do little to deter people from desperate or harmful acts. These systems are in place to protect larger financial systems and the private property of wealthy white families. There are would-be murderers, rapists, and thieves living in every neighborhood, even in the rich ones. In rich neighborhoods, “crimes” are being committed, but police activity is low, and lawyers are affordable. But in poor neighborhoods, police activity is high, and legal support is all but prohibitive.

In America, “Race” is a social construct, purposefully created by white people to categorize and control indigenous and working people, with the goal of repression in order to generate the greatest amount of profit for white families. Race is false. But it continues to be used today to distinguish characteristics that further repress non-white families by economic means. We do not live in a post-racial society. America is racist.

Black people make up the bulk of the prison population, and blacks have average incomes far below whites. Is this because black people in America are ‘just criminals’? Dishonest? Not hardworking? Ask yourself these important questions.

So the basis of policing and prisons is extremely racist. We don’t have to go into the details of living conditions inside America’s jails, prisons, immigration detention centers, or juvenile detention facilities. You may say horrific but you should imagine far worse. Ask yourself if you will tolerate this? It’s really not that bad? That is what they get?

In America, “criminal justice” systems were built to keep chattel slavery systems in place, to build profit for wealthy white families. Poor white workers, though succumbing to criminal justice as well, are at least white, and allowed to earn a wage. Only indigenous populations fare worse than blacks. Having endured genocide during colonial settling, criminalized for resisting, forced into ghettos, native peoples are jailed at the highest rate. Latinx peoples (also indigenous) are just below black incarceration. Black, Native, and Latinx (as well as Southeast Asian, Polynesian, Middle Eastern and Multi-Racial appearing peoples) are rarely considered white-passing, and are whom we now call People Of Color.

Now, intersect the People Of Color label with Queer, Trans or Intersex, and you’ll find incarceration rates that are astonishing. Black-Trans-Women are currently abused, tortured, isolated, and murdered by poor people, police or imprisoned people more than any other population in America. Should they just straighten up? Should they just change who they are?

Conformity is not enough in America to survive. You simply must be wealthy, white-passing and cis-male in order to be guaranteed legal due process for crime.

It’s not you. Everyone is innocent and everyone is guilty. Everyone knows some exception to this. For wealthy white families, the system works. For the majority of working Americans, they think it is keeping them safe. But, godspeed those who are accused, for they are the civil dead walking.

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